Watch Your Step

I’ve been spending a bit of time with Rachel Warkentin in her studio playing around with some ceramics and though I just graduated from pinch pots to the potter’s wheel, I have been day dreaming of all sorts of creations that I could never achieve. First, I imagine these Drawing Vessel by Fumiaki Goto (see more here).


– Photo via cotogoto design

Or maybe some heartbreakingly delicate tableware with gold leaf from Up in the Air Somewhere?


Then I set myself a new goal: shoes. Lucky for me (and everyone), a professional has beat me to it. Laura Papp designed these unbelievable boots out of porcelain and leather, and yes, they can hold the weight of a person. See more and read all about them here.


From the artist:

This experimental project was for my bachelor degree. My inspirations were the stone surfaces of dripstones and Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia. My goal was that the rustic features would show up in the heels. I imagined it in white, because it shows the plastics best. The right material was porcelain as it is able to imitate any fine surface, and one of the strongest materials.

– Photo and text via Dezeen

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  1. allison b-t

    oooh, those shoes are unreal!

    i have been wanting to experiment with ceramics for a while too. *someone* has been promising to have me over to play around though it hasn’t happened yet.