Unmentionable + Our Favorite Things

Last night Jess, Allison and I took ourselves down to the Doug Fir for Unmentionable to support one of our very favorite (and formerly local) designers, Rachel Rector! It was so much fun to see all her new designs as well as a handful of other great Portland lingerie designers. No photos were taken, since the attire was strictly NSFW. So instead, you should watch Rachel’s Kickstarter video and then back her, cause don’t we all want one of those bodysuits?

Aside from the pleasure of seeing some pretty people in their underpants, we did a bit of shopping with some local vendors. Our first stop was Imaginary Authors, and after hearing about these guys from Allison I was pretty excited to take some home too. I loved the idea of creating complex fragrances inspired by fiction. Each elicit incorporeal moods and memories with notes of mountain fog, warm sand or fresh tennis balls (isn’t that fantastic?!). Duplex’s official scent is now Cape Heartache.


Then we went over to Portland Black Lipstick Company. These are by far some of the best lipsticks around, they look and feel fantastic. Plus Kim was nice enough to let us try on about a dozen each. Jess walked away with Black Lagoon, and of course, Black. I think I’ll be picking up some Blood Red soon, cause for $12, this is such an incredible deal.



And for our last goodie, Jess picked up her very own Betsy and Iya St. John’s Bridge cuff. I think it’s safe to say this is one of Portland’s favorite bracelets and especially significant for Jess who was married at Cathedral Park, right under that bridge. I think that’s pretty f*ckin adorable.


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  1. allison b-t

    i can\’t even articulate how good cape heartache is. such a fun night- i want all the PBLC colors!