The Portland Collection

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Jess, Allison and I are going on three of the four day Open Season event, and I have officially run out of fashion worthy outfits. Last night’s Pendleton show featuring their Fall 2013 Portland Collection was not only well attended (surprise! Portland loves Pendleton and anything with Portland in its name!), but really worth the excitement. The clothes are everything you can hope for from Pendleton: classic, well constructed, local and really really good looking. Take a peek at their Fall 2013, save some pennies, and buy something that will last for a million years.




Or if you’re anything like me, you convince yourself that you are a bad ass seamstress, go down to The Woolens Mills Store, buy the least amount of fabric possible to make pillows and then congratulate yourself when you don’t screw it up.

(Bellow: Leda was nervous about cutting into the fabric too)

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