Sol LeWitt

Snaps from a visit to Mass MOCA last year.
Snaps from a visit to Mass MOCA last year.

Do you guys love Sol LeWitt? I hope you do! I am pretty excited about Chris Teerink’s film, SOL LEWITT.

From the director: It is not an exaggeration to say that the work of Sol LeWitt changed my life. As an eighteen year old I saw his retrospective at the – then famous – Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Seeing his wall drawings there at that time (1984) forever changed my way of thinking about art. That same year I went to art school, and three years later to film school. The fact that a concept can lead to, or produce a work of art is still a powerful tool in my practice as a filmmaker. So when I learned about the reinstallment of his wall drawing #801, ‘Spiral’ in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands, I immediately saw it as an opportunity to start thinking about a film on Sol LeWitt, to pay homage to the man who’s work influenced me se deeply. But more than to pay homage I wanted to discover. How could such simples ideas, lead to such powerful and overwhelming works? The answer to that question turned out to be a surprise, also to me, so in that respect making film has been a journey, as in a way every film should be.

No information on a Portland screen yet, but I will update this post when I find out.


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