Recent Projects

Lindsay and I have been working hard on a couple of projects lately to flex that styling muscle.

I made this holly crown from a nuisance tree in my yard. So pokey!


We wanted a darker little red riding hood theme for a shoot with Lindsay and her husband. We joke about our transitions into our winter goth phases, but it’s really true; I’m completely embracing the dark edges of winter this year and it may just last forever!

Constellation 2-01

1382218932478Constellation 3-01And of course, right now our most ready models have happen to be ourselves. Here I am vamped up for Barrow PDX with a more polished version of my naturally curly hair.
Photos by Pxlvue and Duplex, and you can see more images on our Pinterest page.


  1. allison b-t

    gorgeous as always, ladies!

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