Project Space: Andrew Myers: Mobil-Homes



If you are in the Salem area tomorrow, stop by Project Space for the reception of Andy’s latest work.

“The influence that we have on our environment, both natural and man-made, both positive and negative and the effect that they have on us, is a constant theme in my work. In my current work I am thinking about the concepts of Place and Home and what those ideas mean both on a personal and universal level. I am proposing a series of large wall drawings for Project Space 2013. These drawings [will] be based on my series of monotype prints called Mobil-Homes. The concept surrounding these prints is the idea of “place.” I’m thinking about where someone or something lives and what constitutes a “home.”  Is it comfort, security, familiarity, shelter, or a place to eat, sleep and keep your stuff or is it a combination of all of these things? Can you move it or take it with you as you travel around?”

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