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I’ve been guilty of making the occasional self deprecating joke about the value of my education, but when Google autofills my “art degrees” search with an “are useless” it can be irksome. I might have relived that conversation with a friend’s dad during my first summer home that went something like:

“What are you studying in college, Lindsay?”

“Art, I’m really liking it!”

“Oh, that’s too bad. You were always so good at math.”

For those of us who went through the higher educational system and came out the other side with art degrees in hand, this little article from the Wall Street Journal might offer some positive perspective on the reality of how artists are not only making a living (gasp!), but are actually happy with their life choices. Though they do point out that many cobble together multiple jobs and find paths we didn’t know we would take, I think the main point in the article is “Arts graduates are resilient and resourceful.” So we’re not starving!

(Thank you to Facebook and whoever posted this, it probably brought me a little self assurance, at least more than a box of corgi puppies on Buzzfeed- although that was pretty good too)

Graduation, 2010
Graduation, 2010


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