Kirsten Anderson of Roq La Rue


This interview over at Hi Fructose about the rise of Seattle’s Roq La Rue with founder Kirsten Anderson is pretty inspiring for anyone dreaming of opening a successful gallery. Growing from the small seed of an idea, the gallery is now a permanent fixture for the New Contemporary and alternative art scene.

Well, originally I was the red headed stepchild here — which was fine with me. I felt the art scene was quite conservative and really attempting to take itself more seriously than warranted. Over the years I think the Roq started to get accorded a certain grudging respect as we kept on hanging in there, and then a sort of admiring disbelief as we started to really sell work. Now Roq La Rue has grown into an established entity, considered a serious, career-launching gallery as opposed to the little scrappy punk upstart we were in the beginning. (This is, of course, about our place in the “art world”, we thankfully always had a big audience with people who were into alternative art and subculture scenes.)

Photo via Roq La Rue

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  1. allison b-t

    when nat and i lived in seattle, roq la rue was our favorite gallery and we rarely missed an opening. we always make sure to stop by whenever we visit seattle now. thanks for posting this, can’t wait to read the interview!