…our newest addition to the Duplex Collective, Megan Harned! We are so ecstatic she’ll be joining us here at Duplex as a contributing writer. So stay tuned, I know she’s got some amazing stuff to share with all of us. Read a little bit more about Megan below!


Megan is an art writer, athlete, and environmentalist from the rural east end of Long Island. She graduated from Stony Brook University with degrees in Art History & Criticism, and Sustainability Studies. Despite being drawn like a moth to flame by Portland’s burgeoning art scene, low-impact lifestyle, and Ultimate Frisbee community she would like it be noted that she is not a “hipster”.   Megan encourages the reader to look closer at the work through formal and historical analysis.  By drawing attention to the specificity of the artist’s creative intent and its cultural context, her art writing seeks to deepen the viewer’s experience by eliciting a personal connection to the work.

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