How to Collect Emerging Art in 7 Easy Steps

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Have you guys downloaded your free copy of Saatchi Online’s e-book on collecting art? Buying art is always a rewarding experience for me and it’s weird that it seems that so many of my peers know nothing about it. How to Collect Emerging Art in 7 Easy Steps is a 24 page booklet on how easy and worthwhile it really is to buy art. Of course it is mostly a plug for their site, Saatchi Online (which is a great way to buy), but you new collectors are not limited to buying art online. There are tons of approachable galleries selling affordable art in Portland. (Duplex included!) Scope out a First Thursday and visit the galleries in the neighboring Everett Station Lofts. 

From ArtInfo: It starts out by giving a brief history of art collecting through the ages and assures buyers off the bat, “you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to buy art.” It offers examples of collectors on opposite ends of the spectrum: the Medici family (“huge patrons of the arts during the Renaissance”) on the one hand, and the low-key — albeit now-legendary — New York collectors Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a postal clerk and a librarian respectively, on the other. “This kind of passion — even obsession — is not unusual in the art world,” according to the book. “Charles Saatchi, whose mission to support emerging artists carries on today through Saatchi Online, has been visiting galleries, artists’ studios and out-of-the-way warehouses every week for the last 30 years and his curiosity in young, emerging artists has not dwindled.”

Unlike most other sources offering tips about art collecting, the guide doesn’t shy away from the potential monetary rewards. The final chapter, “Art as an Investment,” advises the reader to “buy what you love,” but adds, “If the investment side of buying art is an area that you want to consider then buying works by emerging artists is probably the best place to start.”

Image from the cover of How to Collect Emerging Art in 7 Easy Steps by Rebecca Wilson

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  1. April Sandmeyer

    A good place to start your art collection is Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson. Born 1937, New York, Marcia lives and works in Leonia, New Jersey. Many of her paintings, sculptures, whirligigs, etchings, linoleum cuts, and wood cuts exude a whimsical flair/ irreverent humor, often include pets, and are highly prized by Americana folk art collectors. They are enjoyable to look at and dcreate a warm tone.Her depiction of light through vibrant reds, accented with and fiery iridescent yellows, radiate a luminous glow that is an outstanding feature of her paintings. Her unique brush strokes and color patterns create a whirlwind of movement. In her memory series, she often revisits poignant personal family moments of a bygone 1950s era. She is at the stage of her career where she has developed a refined style as an expressionist artist that is ripe for the picking! An excellent investment