Guilty Pleasures by Jay Muhlin


Upcoming Duplex artist, Jay Muhlin is Kickstarting Guilty Pleasures, a photo book five years in the making accompanying his April 2016 solo show. Give it a look and get excited for next year!

This project deposits the viewer into an endless Syracuse, New York winter. Images build a bizarre, collective psyche shared by a community of people who know they are about to hit an existential impasse. Readers discover a group of friends taking comfort in their camaraderie, questioning life after grad school, and desperately trying to keep control.

Jay’s upcoming book tour schedule:
September, 2015 – Solo Show at Vox Populi in Philadelphia, PA
October, 2015 – Artist Lecture at the SPE Conference in Pittsburgh, PA
November, 2015 – Artist Lecture in a Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY
November, 2015 – Book signing with performance and live music at Spark Contemporary Art Space in Syracuse, NY
April, 2016 – Solo Show at Duplex Gallery in Portland, OR


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