Girls on Bicycles

As the sun starts making a regular appearance in Portland, one of my favorite activities is to get all gussied up and hop on my bike. I’ve received plenty of snarky “nice shoes” as I stop at a red light wearing heels (however moderate they might be), but I feel like it sends a message that biking isn’t just for people in head-to-toe spandex racing suits and clip in shoes. Biking is fun and easy in a city that’s made for it.

Note: Although I love how these ladies look all dressed up and biking, I do notice a lack of helmets in the fashion on bikes category, which I do not enjoy. I’ve been eying an english style velvet riding helmet for some time now, which would be a perfect addition to any outfit. Oh, and will protect your skull.

Also note: just in case you’re at work and really want to find some of your own fashionable bicyclists, don’t google “girls on bikes” – you will get a much different set of images.

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  1. meg


  2. allison b-t

    great post! i definitely support fashionable biking- even in heels. you should check out my friend jools’ blog:

  3. KMoo

    Yep, I don’t look nearly as sexy when I ride my bike. I am more of the off-road kinda gal! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessica Breedlove

    Can we start a girls’ bike club?