Fay Ku

I’ve been following Fay Ku’s work from afar for the past three years, and I can never get enough.

preen vacancies harpy


My works on paper are psychological, narrative and figurative. Figures appear isolated against the white of the paper, drawn with delicacy. My characters explore the fluidity of identity—sexual, cultural, personal and political—and the ambiguity in relationships with one another.

Paper suits my temperament. I work quickly, allowing a flow of ideas to move through me. My inspirations come from travel, observation, the radio, films and books—in short, everything. Motifs reoccur in my work, but each time with different associations and references. And, within a single work, the concepts are often layered to yield multiple readings rather than one narrative. I am in interested in the nuances of meaning.

-from her Studio Visit on the P.S 1 website


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