Cutie and the Boxer

I might be late on this one, but we finally got around to watching Cutie and the Boxer on Netflix last night. It’s an emotional and complicated love story of two Japanese artists, Ushio and Noriko Shinohara, ┬áliving in New York and recalling their 40 years of marriage. I was struck by the exceptionally poignant dialog about art and love.

Life is wonderful. Life should be positive. When it’s blown to pieces, that’s when it becomes art. Art is messy and dirty when it pours out of you. The New York Times once said “Shinohara is amazing.” Listen… Why do I… It makes me cry. I believe in my career goddamn it. Why do I have to? I want to cry. I’ve got nothing. Listen to me! This is so hard… And it’s so fantastic… Now I’ve got nothing. You see… We are the ones suffering the most from art…


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  1. allison b-t

    i love that film and was also struck by the emotional honesty both artists portrayed. so many people try to hide their emotions from others, especially anything negative, so it was refreshing to see them become so introspective and admit their faults and along with their inspirations.