Collecting Art with Heidi McBride

4. Johnson,Ann_Murdza,Therese_UntitledGreen_Installed_LR_ClientOK8.11 copy
Johnson Family Living Room. Image curtesy of Heidi McBride

A couple of weeks ago I attended art talk and tour of Boly Welch with art matchmaker, Heidi McBride. Heidi helps people own art that is personal and something they really love. Sounds sort of like one of my dream jobs, plus it was thrilling to hear someone other than myself talk about the merits of art collecting.

2. Johnston_Murdza,Therese_untitled green (he dreamed of strawberry figs) figs)_30x48 diptych_LR copy
Untitled Green (He Dreamed of Strawberry Figs) by Therese Murdza. Image curtesy of Heidi McBride

My favorite key points:
*Design your space with original art. Choose art that contributes instead of  becoming the backdrop.
*Start small with budget. Collecting art doesn’t necessarily mean you need to throw down a couple of thousand dollars. If you’ve fallen in love with something way of your price range consider a payment plan.
*Once you get the swing of it, you’ll get hooked. After you make that first step you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought art sooner.
*It’s less emotionally engaging when you buy art from stores or online. The best reward comes from an emotional place which means not taking the easy way out. Experience art in person!

The talk concluded with a tour of Boly:Welch’s impressive art collection. The founders maintain and grow the collection and manage to make it an integral part of their employee’s work environment. Imagine how much your office setting would improve if you were surrounded by inspiring art.

Lobby of Boly:Welch curtesy of Boly:Welch
The Old Lobby of Boly:Welch curtesy of Boly:Welch

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