BCA Associates

I just signed up to participate in the Business for Culture and the Arts’ Associate Program. If I am one of the 100 selected, it will span 8 months  and cover arts and culture events, programs, festivals, presentations, classes.

From the website: With mounting concern about access to the arts for the up-and-coming generation of professionals and potential arts leaders, there’s lots of chatter about how to engage under-involved demographics in Greater Portland’s vibrant, eclectic art and culture scene.  People have an interest in participating, but honestly, where to start? We will provide pathways for arts newcomers to find their passion for the arts and to explore arts that inspire, provoke, challenge, soothe, activate or celebrate.

If you are interested in taking part, visit the Associates webpage or attend the upcoming Associates Mixer on September 12, 2013 (Register here) to learn more and meet other candidates. I am sort of shy about doing things like this, so if you see me at the mixer come say hi!

The deadline for applications is September 16, 2013.  If you have additional questions, contact deborah@businessculturearts.org.


  1. allison b-t

    very cool! i think i may sign up for consideration too- though i think people such as yourself definitely have an edge on me what with having gone to school for art, already being a gallery owner, etc. still, i figure i will give it a shot. i am shy about these things too so if you want a ‘date’ to the mixer, let me know.

    • Jessica Breedlove

      Allison! I would love to be my date for the mixer. And don’t let your non art background dissuade you, the more diverse the better!

      • allison b-t

        i’m working on my ‘why i want to be chosen’ write up and will be applying once i’m done! the program sounds great, fingers crossed and yay for having a mixer date! 😉