Ballet Binge

Well, that’s a weird way to title a post. But it perfectly describes the last 90 minutes of my life. Like so many girls, I had a small stint in dance lessons during my early high school years, and though I completely lacked the grace, physique and dedication, I find myself daydreaming about the ballet far more than I care to admit. Ok, I suppose that’s what I’m doing now and there is really no shame- the chills ensue every time I watch a performance, the awe and drama of it all can carry the me away like few things can do.

So, down the internet video rabbit hole I go!

Even the NYC Ballet Company’s promotional video almost made me cry with delight.

Nothing can compare to a live performance, so I might need to find some tickets to the Oregon Ballet or the Pacific Northwest Ballet soon.


  1. allison b-t

    i too took some dance & ballet classes as a kid, also not taking it very seriously but more than anything i love dance related fashion so so much. leggings, leg warmers, slouchy off the shoulders sweaters, top knots and ballet flats- yes, please!

  2. Jessica Latham

    My favorite ballet: