Tatiana Blass’s Poetic Wax Sculptures

In my morning internet routine, I was struck by the beautiful and haunting work of Brazilian artist Tatiana Blass featured on Beautiful/Decay. In Luz Que Cega Sentado, the milky wax figure of a man slumps over the back of a chair, while the spotlight shines brightly onto his back, he slowly dissolves to reveal the cast bronze spine within.

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And a similarly poetic performance,  Metade da fala no chão_ Piano surdo

While looking at her website, I also was drawn to her installation Penelope, which just happened to remind me of a short story I recently read – Reeling for the Empire by Karen Russell (found in Vampires in the Lemon Grove, which I highly recommend!). Thanks to google translate, I have this description of the piece:

The work consists of a red carpet that goes 14 meters of the entrance door of the chapel to the altar, where there is a pedal loom in which the warp of the carpet is stuck. The tangled wires run across the loom and pass through holes in existing walls of rammed earth, even to the outside area.The red wires invade the green garden by lining all the grass, shrubs and trees, creating a movement dubious construction and deconstruction, quote the myth of Penelope

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All images via her website.

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