Jeff Jahn of Port did a great write up of one of our favorite 1st Thursday works, Stephen Scott Smith’s SEEYOUYOUSEE at the Breeze Block Gallery.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“At first SEEYOUYOUSEE seems like a test of one’s navigational skills but each turn only rewards the viewer with constant surveillance and sheetrock-enforced constriction leading to an ever growing sense ennui and esoteric paranoia not unlike some of Kubrick’s most famous films (2001, Eyes Wide Shut etc.). The carpeting is banal, the office plants are banal and the doorways are ergonomically way too small giving one a distinct case of apprehension and even more fleeting glimpses of others also caught in the maze. If this sounds terrible, it isn’t. There are some reflective neo-minimal pieces of art that recall Kubrick’s famous Monolith from 2001 as well as John McCracken, Carl Andre and Joseph Beuys too. Somehow the sense of suffocated kitsch in the main gallery space works and its ominous aspect is completely different than the fun house atmosphere of Rem Koolhaas’ surveillance strewn Prada store in Beverly Hills.”- Jahn

The installation will be up until April 20th, so if you are in town I strongly suggest a visit.

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