Rad Ladies : Lindsay & Jessica

Hey look! Allison from Votre Grande Soeur picked us for her latest Rad Ladies Feature! Check it out.

Votre Grande Soeur
Votre Grande Soeur

VGS: Beyond the blog and gallery space, how else do you define Duplex?
L: The idea of Duplex really came into being in December of last year. We went from just starting the blog and daydreaming about having a gallery space to it [the gallery] becoming reality pretty quickly- Much more quickly than we expected. So it’s been ever-changing. Now that the blog is established and the gallery too, we’re looking at more possibilities to get out there, not just going to events but in the capacity of creation and helping others create too.
J: We started this to help us meet our own ends, in being creative and connecting to community, but we have this great platform we can use to help others do that too.
VGS: What is your focus with the gallery space?
J: We focus on emerging artists. Our artists haven’t been represented by other galleries. We don’t limit medium, our only limitations come down to space. Otherwise we love installations, sculpture, photography, painting, and illustration. We want to be able to show everything.
L: And even if we can’t show them, we love to make the connection because you never know when we might be able to accommodate their work later or maybe connect them with a venue that can accommodate their work.
J: We can also feature artists on our blog even if it doesn’t necessarily fit into the gallery, so it’s nice to have the blog format to work with too. We want to support artists and love having various ways to do that. Emerging artists are definitely our niche though.

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