Portland Public Art

Public art is never a simple subject and the work here in Portland is no exception. Love it or hate it, it will always create dialogue about space, aesthetic value, and eventually, public funding. To learn a bit more about a few public works here in Portland, take a look at this comprehensive article by Sabina Samiee talking about the history and concept behind Inversion Plus Minus . Or if you are not thrilled about the new Nepenthes sculptures popping up around Old Town, this post by Richard Speer at the Willamette Week will agree with you.


(Left: Nepenthese, Right: Inversion Plus Minus. Photo from Willamette Week)


  1. Kathryn

    I didn’t realize the Nepenthese pieces light up. Only seen them during the day.

  2. Sabina Samiee

    Thanks for the link! ~ss