Our Portland Story

ops5Our Portland Story is a community story project founded in 2008 by designer Melissa Delzio. Our Portland Story has two volumes published featuring hundreds of stories of Portland love from local authors and designers.

our-portland-story-vol-two-52ec19c322de1-1140Melissa was inspired to create Our Portland Story because she wanted to capture the spirit of the city, people, and combine personal perspectives with Portland’s unique attributes that she had fallen in love with. This was in 2008 pre-Portlandia, before Portland-isms become a phenomenon. For each story, she prompts all authors to focus in on one subject matter, one topic or experience that represents Portland.

“When I moved into a small downtown condo, I left behind an award-winning garden of native plants and unusual perennials that I created from scratch in an unremarkable suburban lot. Gardening had gotten into my blood, and when I arrived in my new home, I adopted the Portland Classical Chinese Garden as my garden.” – Excerpt from a story by Carole Zoom.

Story by Kerri Jones, design by Marisa Green (our very own April artist!)

Melissa and team are hard at work making volume 3! If you are interested in submitting your story, make it quick, the deadline is May 30th.

Here are the rules:
Submit a short story (no longer than a page) describing just 1 aspect of Portland that you love, or that makes it interesting or unique to you. Topics could be: a detail of your favorite neighborhood, a person who epitomizes Portland, an iconic beverage, a restaurant, a historical reflection, or a particular event. Be sure to focus in on one topic rather than give an overview with many ideas. We are looking for a wide range of submissions that capture many different aspects of the city in this place in time—funny, smart, touching, trendy, etc. Your submission may also include an image—a photograph, art piece, or anything that illustrates your text submission. Be bold. Be creative. Be Weird. After all, you are a Portlander.

Submit_Vol_3_500You can find Volumes 1 & 2 at Powell’s, Land Gallery, Reading Frenzy and Tender Loving Empire. There is a possibility of an Our Portland Story Adventure event series – similar to events that were held at the Museum of Contemporary Craft last summer, so stay tuned for more info!4Z7C8592-1140

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