Now, Summer

Well I’m back! It’s been an incredibly amazing week and I think I’m sitting down for the first time in six days. Thank goodness for Jess who picked up all the slack while I was preoccupied (and brought me iced tea as I sweated in silk.) So many fun things happened around here, the Faux Museum and ArtFile?! Some good stuff.

Speaking of, can we talk about our friend Sarah over at The Green Dandelion for a minute? Not only did she create an amazing backdrop to our special day, but the girl is hot right now. She’s over on Style Me Pretty today and will be working with Union/Pine for their July Association dinner. She has promised an interview with Duplex, we might give her a break and wait till her busy summer season is wrapping up, but we are holding her to it.  Now for some lovely photos I stole from her (find more on her website):



amy w photo 



jane in the woods



amy w photo

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  1. sarah {the green dandelion}

    ahhh shucks…you girls are just too sweet! LOVE you!