México Inside Out: Themes in Art Since 1990

I had the chance to swing by The Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth this weekend while we were in Dallas for a wedding, and it never disappoints. The current exhibition Mexico Inside out was no exception, showcasing a variety of media and thematic elements of the contemporary art of central Mexico and Mexico City from the 1990s to the present day.

From The Modern’s website:

This thematic exhibition features approximately sixty works by twenty-three artists who explore aspects of the country’s complex sociopolitical climate. The artists in Inside Out tackle issues regarding borders, violence, corruption, economic and civic institutions, and revolution. While they investigate these regional and national issues, they are also firmly engaged with similar concerns and impulses that are universal. As indicated in the title, “Inside” refers to local and “Out” to global.


YSL, 2012
Aluminium and Lipstick on wall

Photo via The Modern

A couple of the most striking pieces were the work of Artemio, a Mexican artist whose work “calls current events of war and violence into question through often humorous and cynical alterations of popular culture.”  In one of the final rooms of the exhibition you find his piece Untitled (Portrait of 450 Murdered Women in Ciudad Juárez), 2009. A mound of earth is piled high in the corner of the space, standing as a monument in honor of 450 missing female factory workers in the area, the weight of the dirt approximating the weight of the murdered women. An interview with the artist about the work bellow:

And for fun, one of my favorite photos I took in the building, the reflection of Jenny Holzer’s Kind of Blue onto the surrounding water.

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