I’m usually not one for holiday spirit, but I’m always excited about Valentine’s Day. Some say it’s a Hallmark holiday, but who can argue with novelty candy, special dates and small gestures of affection? Whether it’s your best friend, someone you’re dating, or a spouse, it’s always fun to celebrate how much you love them. Since grand gestures aren’t really my thing (or my bank account’s), here is my list of some simple things that sound perfect for the occasion:

How bout a mini Valentine’s day session with one of our favorite photographers, Margaret Jacobsen!

Bike rides and bagels at Kornblatts, this is one of my favorite things to do in Portland.

Or maybe a silent soak at Common Ground Wellness? Clothing optional, ooooOOooooo! (Don’t even think about any funny business though! This is for relaxation, strict no kissing policy!)

Fancy popcorn and cocktails at Secret Society. It’s quiet, moody and dim, just how I like my men (just kidding!)

As for gifts, that’s a post I don’t have the energy to tackle. I gave Alec Valens by Olo from Beam and Anchor, cause husbands need fancy things too. And since I’m notoriously impatient when it comes to giving gifts, I just couldn’t wait for the 14th!






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  1. allison b-t

    valentines day is one of my favorite holidays! i’ve never understood valentine grinches- even when i was single, i would still buy myself a box of conversation hearts and walk around the city to look at all the lovely window displays full of flowers and glittery hearts. it’s such a bright spot in an otherwise dreary month.