Happy New Year & Thank You!

We have officially entered the new year, Duplex was first conceived two years ago! Nostalgia is one of my favorite things, so here’s to my top three:

Hitting PORT’s Next Wave 2014: New Faces In The Portland Art Scene

Megan’s Inside/Outside the Portland14 Biennial.

Hiring our first intern: Emily.

I feel really good about 2015, not only do we have some great shows lined up, but we are on the look out for some big projects. Thank you for all the support you’ve given us so far throughout our infancy. Any challenges or hardships that may come in the next year will only make us better, but it’s easier with you.

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  1. allison_bt

    Congrats, Duplex!! I’m looking forward to what you’re bringing to 2015. XO.