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I am loving all the new point-of-view projects that Google Glass is inspiring and I have two to share with you.

Aki Watanabe
Aki Watanabe

The first is from Aki Watanabe, a student in the comparative biology doctoral program at the American Museum of Natural History’s Richard Gilder Graduate School. Aki hands over his Glass to Ana Balcarcel, a fossil preparator at AMNH, where Ana’s tedious work can be seen from her perspective:

The second is a channel produced by Samantha Katz, Gallery Glass, where she records 30 studio visits and interviews throughout this month in New York.

Sam Katz
Sam Katz

Here she interviews artist Jen Dunlap:

And Sam was recently profiled by Ashton Cooper for ArtInfo: “Gallery Glass highlights a range of subjects, aiming to make art more accessible and break barriers,” Katz explains. “There are apparent filters from the creative process to what is ultimately seen on gallery walls and online catalogs, breeding misconceptions like ‘I am not affluent enough to collect,’ ‘I am not cool enough to create,’ ‘I am not versed enough on the subject to talk about the work.’ I hope this series will challenge that.” In other words, while many people have fretted that Google Glass will provide a technological filter keeping people from relating to the world in front of them, she hopes that it can do just the opposite.

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