Duplex in ArtFile Magazine

Alicia DeBrincat from ArtFile Magazine recently published an interview with us about Duplex and Neil Jernstrom’s current show!

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What gave you the idea to start Duplex? How did Duplex come into being?

Jordan: We had talked a lot about wanting to start something, some kind of entity that would be an outlet for talking about art, design, fashion, whatever we were interested in. There wasn’t much of a plan about what form it would take other than that.
Breedlove: It is sort of a means to keep us inspired as well.
Jordan: An online blog was a natural way of starting that, an easy way to collect and share. It also grew into an interest of what was happening in Portland as well as the creative community. It fulfills our need to connect to what others are doing here.
Breedlove: When I think of how Duplex started, it has an organic start. We weren’t pushing it; it just came forth from a lot of discussion and a lot of wanting to do something.
Jordan: Exactly, we were both in these stages of our lives when we were in transition from school, work and wanting to engage more with our art backgrounds. So it wasn’t necessarily a business plan, it was more that we just wanted to be thinking and discussing what was happening in the visual arts, and finding other people that wanted the same thing. It was definitely an organic process.
Breedlove: It actually happened really quickly too. In the span of four months, we went from a new blog with less than 30 posts to a physical space that is booked until mid-2014.

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