Donald Judd’s Studio

Back in April I wrote about Donald Judd’s home studio and its creation into a museum. Well, now after a 23 million dollar museum makeover, it’s open! 101 Spring Street, NY is open to the public with 90 minute semi private guided tours.

5th Fl View South MA HR

Judd’s work, (his art collection) and other pieces are scattered across the five floors, which Judd used, from bottom to top, as a revolving exhibition space (ground level), a kitchen, dining, hang-out, and puppet-show-performance area (2nd floor), a studio with a charming, impressive drafting table (3rd floor), a meeting room (4th floor), and a bedroom/living space (5th floor). Original wood floors, painted tin ceilings, rippled glass in the enormous windows, atmospherically creaky and uneven wooden stairs, old-fashioned radiator pipes and a pot-belly stove, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lined with rocks and other sundries—attention to detail was paramount in the renovation. Though the house contains 200 pieces of art and furniture and 1,800 household objects, it doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered. Rather, it’s airy and eccentric, dotted with modern art masterpieces. –Hana Alberts for

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