Big News!

Have you missed us this week? We’ve been busy!

Lindsay and I have been brainstorming and building this collective for the past year and we have been excited to see it come to life in the past few months. We are thrilled to announce we will be creating a physical gallery space right here in Portland.

We hope you will join us as Duplex grows. Follow along here for more information!

Photo Mar 08, 9 33 46 AM


  1. allison b-t

    amazing- congrats! can’t wait to check it out.

    • Jessica Breedlove

      Thank you Allison! Grand opening info very soon!

  2. Loretta Breedlove

    Congratulations!! Way to go!

  3. meg


  4. Emily Dinwiddie

    So excited for you both! Cannot wait to support and spread the word.

  5. Nat

    Really looking forward to seeing your space. Looks fantastic already.