In the Studio – Kello Goeller

We visited Kello Goeller in her studio to talk about her ambitious July show. Habitat is a complex multitude of parts: map, mandala, video, self-portrait via journey, installation, and experience.
Kello Interview-20

Duplex: Where did you go to film school?
Kello Goeller: I went to NYU, the Tisch School of the Arts. It was wild: at eighteen you’re a working girl in Manhattan, and expected to be on your game right away. I stayed in New York City after school and a friend and I started an animation studio directing commercials and music videos. But I needed to make art, so I made that transition.

D: Is that what brought you to Portland?
KG: That and the forest. I started making videos like this one while visiting friends in Vancouver, BC. I was fortunate to stay at a friend’s house in the Gulf Islands each year, and I fell in love with the rainforest. I moved here two years ago this week.

D: What inspired this project?
KG: I grew up loving maps– especially the maps in the beginning of storybooks. I would study them before ever reading the story. That’s how I feel when I go into the forest, like I’m moving from one area to another, each with mystical names based on the surrounding features. I wanted to create my own, more conceptual version of that. I like the harmony and the balance of the mandala, and I think there is a nice spirituality in seeing symmetry aesthetically. The outline shapes themselves, when mirrored, create a lot of the faces and spirits I see in the forest. There are faces everywhere! Forest time alone produces really intense vision states, I just need to be out there.
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Meet Sarah: Our Summer Intern

Please welcome Sarah Church to the fold!

Born in Portland Oregon, Sarah was raised in an environment that encouraged artistic endeavors. A Oregon State University as a Fine Arts student, she will graduate this spring. Her long time interest in the fashion industry informs her work which looks at how women are represented and portrayed in the media. Recently she’s been working in mixed media, utilizing magazine pieces with printmaking and painting and would like to move to New York and work in the arts.Sarah Church 2 Sarah Church 1

In the Studio – Evan Isoline

We stopped in the studio to visit May artist, Evan Isoline. You may remember his triptych, Golgotha, from LOW in February of 2014.


Duplex: Tell us about your upcoming solo show, UNCARNATE.
Evan Isoline: I plan the images in show to be about 50% male and 50% female. That is one thing that is interesting about using appropriated fashion images. That’s mainly what it is in mainstream media. There are other genders represented in certain areas, but my show will work toward an ambiguity.

D: You also have your thesis show opening the same night. How has it been for you while working with both ideas?
EI: It’s been intense! We are doing our run through for our orals, so I am also practicing that at the same time. It’s crazy. We also turned in our thesis papers.


D: I love these painted exit signs, are they for your thesis show?
EI: Yeah, I have a four-part display for that show. For UNCARNATE at Duplex, there is this incarnate sense with some of the more skin like qualities. I am thinking of it as representations as skins themselves or shells. Something people inhabit. It’s a simulation that provokes simulation again. Giving the images new functions or routes, destinations. Basically exposing these ads as representations and bringing it into the context of art and abstraction. Leaving the trace elements of figurative qualities. Read More «In the Studio – Evan Isoline»

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