Fall Intern: Angelica Yudasto

Please welcome Angelica Yudasto as our new gallery intern.

Angelica Yudasto is an artist from Miami, Florida, who focuses mainly on figurative painting. In an attempt to re-examine the issues of portraying the female nude in painting, she addresses the figure in a way that challenges its conventional role of being the passive muse through the embodiment of hysteria and cathartic release. Yudasto expands on the influences of abstract expressionism through an explosion of color and forms that envelop the space that the female figures occupy.

Yudasto has participated in group shows including exhibitions at the Wynwood Art District for the Wet Heat Project in Miami as well as the Hoffman Gallery here in Portland, OR. She is currently studying at Oregon College of Art and Craft for her BFA in Drawing and Painting.


In the Studio – Michael Boonstra

In Parallel Processes, Michael Boonstra brings us new work from an ongoing series of mixed media drawings created with an ink evaporation process. Invented aerial landscapes, the drawings are meant to occupy the same visual vernacular as satellite images. The evaporation of the ink is a parallel process to the geologic forces that form the surface of our planet. The geometry is overlaid, mimicking manmade incursions upon the surface of the Earth.

MB Interview-37Duplex: Tell us a little bit about your background.
Michael Boonstra: I was interested in architecture, I spent a lot of high school in technical drawing and drafting classes because I thought that was what I was going to do. I was taking pre-architecture classes and then took a photography class and thought, “you know, I think this is more interesting, I’m changing directions.” I started going that route concentrating in photography, drawing and ceramics. At the time it wasn’t the most common combination. I lived in New Mexico for a while and Los Angeles until I decided I wanted to pursue graduate school at the University of Oregon.

D: Your drafting experience really comes out in your work.
MB: I do like how I can use it in a completely creative way. Even in my installations I get to play with space, another way in which my interests have come full circle.

MB Interview-10D: Explain the evaporation process you use.
MB: The drawings at Duplex are made on Duralar and the base layers were created during a residency at Djerassi in 2014. I find an outside location that has some table or other flat surface that I can work on. I then search for some non-absorbent materials that are in close proximity, usually rocks, pebbles, etc., and with those materials I create some sort of intuitive composition. Most times, this composition has something to do with the location I am working in, but with varying degrees of directness. I then slowly pour diluted carbon based ink over the entire surface, submerging the rocks and pebbles in a shallow black puddle. Then, I watch and wait as the heat, wind, and humidity takes control of the process. The evaporations in this series of drawings took between 1.5 and 4 days as the environmental conditions varied quite a bit during the month in which they were made. Read More «In the Studio – Michael Boonstra»

3rd Annual Student Show – Call for Art


Duplex is now accepting submissions for our 3rd annual group show by graduate level art students. Please read submission guidelines before submitting any work.

February 2016, Duplex would like to host a selection of work from art students enrolled in Portland area art schools. This show will run from February 1st through the 26th, with a First Thursday opening on February 4th, 6-9pm. Past shows include LOW, and Becoming What Was.

Duplex is a contemporary art gallery in Portland, Oregon. The gallery hosts monthly exhibitions in an intimate setting of quality work by mid career and emerging local and national artists. The gallery serves to connect these artists with an approachable gallery setting.

Each applicant is encouraged to visit the gallery before submitting, 219 NW Couch St, PDX, OR 97209.

Submission Guidelines: All submissions must
1. be a fully formed group show.
2. include at least 5 images to represent the show.
3. include contact information (name, address, email, phone).
4. include biographies.
5. include a statement.

Please email the above to hello@duplexgallery.com.
The deadline is December 1st, 2015.

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